Tinidazole Vs Metronidazole Giardiasis
Tinidazole Vs Metronidazole Giardiasis
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pellagra with cutaneous symptoms; (2) pellagra without cutaneous

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trains, he says, ttie precession of the sigmoid closure in the right

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R. W. Smith a fatty heart, with rupture of the left ventricle and

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latter period some patients had the sodium chlorid and nitrogen deter-

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the heart to explain heart failures or insufficiencies by defects of in-

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the number of people among whom such deaths occurred ; and of mor-

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completely changed in this country during the last twenty years. While

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anemia was very slight and the excretion picture very different from

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of some loss of memory, of languor, and possibly of other ill-defined

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at the seaside if the air is not too bracing. No special health resort

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of phosphorus and nitrogen was acutely disturbed and that the syn-

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treatment consisted of 20 c.c. of undiluted salvarsanized serum. The Wasser-

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syncope occurred the patient 'was in a critical condition. There was marked

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during this interval he has remained completely free from symptoms.

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mains often unchanged. Sometimes it is lengthened, sometimes there

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region has been ascribed to the close apposition of the pulmonary

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gram of normal shape. In the cases collected by Ritchie twenty-nine

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pulmonary, bruit. In their further studies Sampson and Potain lo-

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a case with "chylous" turbid urine in which the urine contained no fat.

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opportunity of observing. Of these 34 are females and 19 males..

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the view of a possible antagonistic action of these glands, such as has

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The Wassermann reaction in the blood was positive after a provocative

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the past few months he had had partial paralysis and numbness of the right

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tive share of the nervous and muscular elements in the production of

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quinine, either alone or in connection with caffeine or codeine muri-

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quently made in routine practice, namely, the estimation of the per-