Ponstel S For Babies
Ponstel S For Babies
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the deltoids were very wtak, and became exhausted in 2V^

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made only after careful bacteriologic examination. Be-

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one of the most prominent of the antiviviaection controver-

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question entrusted to it a most careful and painstaking

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Wisconsin State Medical Society, Waukesba, June 26.

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are so reformed that political "pull" will not have much in-

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published his cases in cattle. In 1878, Israel published

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peutic measure, and one which to my knowledge I have not

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Ludewlg, Wm. H., Rock Island. ■'°S??L """<• Hugnes, New lont

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This conclusion, and the agency of flies in carrying the

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fever reached its highest point at the close of the cen-

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of state boards of health, sprung into existence our

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that the protozoon of cancer repeats many of the devel-

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income of nearly $50,000 a year from the date of gradua-

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struction in histology is grossly defective. He felt that a good,

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official adoption of the former by the medical depart-

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ple, the function of parathyroids in exophtholmic goiter. The

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disconnected way concerning one or more of the various

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Hardy, of Saniusky, Ohio, is objectionable in the first

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epilepsy. 2. That convulsions of a purposeless type may or

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Drs. F. a. Packard and J. D. Steele, Philadelphia, presented

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which, strange-sounding as it seems, it was necessary

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ing, which impute to him ignorance generally in his business or

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even for Dr. Reclus; as for the other four, the first was just,

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cle, by faradic stimulation until movements were no

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force the Jaws apart with a special (Heister) gag. It

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forced to admit the great value if not advantages of the

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The general lowering of the death rate is due to the

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rhythm, intermittent albuminuria, and hemoptysis pre-

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Simple bandages act by supporting the entire contents of the

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was a hernia of the bladder suspected before the operation was

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St. Gallen, while to-day it is less than 30 per lOOO,

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convulsions, and, after an illness of one. week, died in coma.

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would suppose at first glance. It has been my own, and the

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also established by the injection into men of 200 c.c.

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hemoptysis ergot is not always indicated. The following com-

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ally administered to a dog, there was produced sali-

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*hat operation offers and that the operation should be

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much to the consternation of the brewers. The value of the

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