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cellular tissue, and strict asepsis must be observed.
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formed by the parasite. Soluble toxines have been extracted from the
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opposite side of the head, and two feet pressing against the forehead in the
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agencies which such weather called into activity." Of those agencies,
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enter through a small breach in the skin or in a mucous membrane. This
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region. A bilateral lesion of the optic thalamus and corpus striatum, and a
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forms, which are often associated. The former is macular, and character-
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A hurried examination with the microscope showed the growth to be
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intracranial complications ; it must be promptly removed, so that mercurial
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The multiplication of these microbes, which have most often entered through
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of intellect, with giddiness in the head, instead of convulsions and unconscious-
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but this uric dyscrasia alone is not sufficient to explain gout, for in many
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vigorously, and he found that salicylic preparations gave excellent results,
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In the opposite case the atrophic fibrosis causes diminution in the size of the
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of the drug. He also mentioned that he had succeeded in inducing
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men, in order to capture ilntwerp and the French fleet. Some anxiety was felt in
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cord, which supervenes in the embryonic period, is alone capable of explaining
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putation and Excision contrasted, 'riic Jacksouian Prize Essay of the
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right side of the face was sUghtly swollen, but there was neither tension nor redness of
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11| feet deep on the breast of the dam at Fairmount. The freshet ex-
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number. Dr. Reid, however, repeating Brodie's experiments, claims that
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ends in induration of the connective tissue and in overgrowth of the fatty
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Duration — Complications. — Chorea in youth recovers after an average
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It was, therefore, reasonable to hope that the introduction of suprarenal