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can be most easily mistaken for rabies. This affection pre-
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assimilating process, is by taking advantage of elaterium. It becomes a
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the location of the state colony for epileptics, to be founded if
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rule it should be resorted to only after failure of medical
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Dr. C. H. Wallace, St. Joseph, Mo.; "Treatment of Tubercu-
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that it would be readily understood by any one who wished to use it. It is
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and ought to haVe somewhat modified its force with the
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in the war which Belisarius waged against the Vandals. Livy, Plutarch,
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might demand they should be. It seems to me the only
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only last for one, and may ruin the mirror. Who would
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them beyond the ability of most practitioners, — and above all, they were
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siderable portion of them by half closing the lids. In these circumstances
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82 Scabies — Tinea Versicolor — Impetigo Contagiosa. J. V. Shoe-
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The teeth should be examined, the bowels properly regulated
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homage to one of the greatest names in the annals of
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days. These were treated by antidiphtheria serum and 7 to
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must jrepeat the examination and exhaust every means
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It is not a little interesting to note that when the
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been given by spoons, knives, forks, cups, glasses and
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ear ; sweating at times ; skin now dry and cool ; six to eight evacuations in
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and Dr. William E. Swan, Saratoga, treasurer. Delegates to
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that the man's head was mashed so that blood spurted out
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nate, refusing to speak. She would remain whole days without seeming to
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medicaments, will be transient and manageable — or at least much more so
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logg. The examination consisted In exposing and removing the
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had the satisfaction of finding his patient quite well.
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all the characters of acute arthritis in the second; requiring a somewhat
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blood" for twenty years; and to giddiness and headache for twelve or fifteen
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2 months. Complete recovery, but death from tubercular menln-
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tumor and suggested carcinoma. Extensive adhesion of sur-
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the trial is made on successive days, than when the animal is allowed to
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and excoriated, and the parts adjacent to the ear were red and tumefied.
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Morrison arranged some special apparatus for investigating