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without recorded septicaemia, in 12. "Purulent infection —


Looss's work, seems to be that at least cer- and F' with sterilized water, the four sam-

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a secondary typhus, or what has long been called the typhoid

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proved by the Committee on Publication; in every county in the State in which no

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Wherever used it has been found to bo a product of rare excellence, and, with-

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from hog cholera are attacked with swine plague, the two

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the head, in the lungs, in the liver, in the mesenteric glands,

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proach the stove, where he shortly fell upon the floor in a severe

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of treatment ; two daily during the second, and so on until the pa-

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11 gladly send you a trial package free with full di]

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physicians are generally very glad to avail themselves of the ser-

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now to add, that we might have greatly strengthened them ; for

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moist, head hot and painful. $. Epispast. to nucha ; ice to head.

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found, it is necessary all the same to state, that neither in

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§ 265. Prevention. The lack of knowledge concerning

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investigators throw some doubt upon the specific nature of

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thoroughly. Instead of a direct decrease, or at least an applana-

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ing sand, and in post-mortem examinations may be classed with the chewing of slate

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be employed, says Dr. Hammond, and even with that number

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in the tenth week, after spending an hour a day for three days in

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be resorted to, but never hastily. In chronic cases resulting in

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gauze. An ordinary aneurism needle, military operations will hardly serve us

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to be proved, although its occurrence with animals suffering from uncinariasis? I will

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from the head between the eyes and ears, and the skin

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I come now to mention the manner of applying this remedy.

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Fowler's solution and tincture of Mars, ferrous salts should be preferably used in

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the fourth lumbar vertebrae to the mesial line anteriorly will scarce-

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did it not produce any one of the several effects attributed to it by

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tion, about half blown, and were gathered in the last week of

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to supplant it. It is rational, safe, usually painless, not repugnant

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