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much more suitable for application to delicate surfaces, such as the
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tions, taking nothing for granted and leaving noth-
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protected by omental adhesions. The broken needle which
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tion. If, on the other hand, the pineal gland fails
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elsewhere), as many adults as children have been the subjects of its
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capacities and !iis ever increasing need for this self •
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nations had lost in killed and permanently disabled
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due to colonic stasis of the fecal current, the in-
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six hundred battle casualties. These included every
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taken up by Dr. Arthur Gumgee, of Edinburgh, who concludes^
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ensure success it is selfevident that want of oppor-
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ounces of urine were passed in all. Two pints of bicarbonate
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in five days, with a casualty list of over 300, mostly
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he hasn't the initiative : his mind not having come
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child, on April 28th, 1861. Her labour was in every respect
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On the evening of October 24th the temperature began to-
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every three hours. If the horse is in much pain, an
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is due to the annoyance and worry that it causes the
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other words, to carry out in its entirety the spirit
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soon as the first symptoms appear and burn the body.
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being composed of a number of discrete nodules, each of
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applied to the fundus while the cervix was held by two-bullet
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were a mixture of eucalyptol and paraffin oil, and a
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parents claimed as victims, are still being met with,
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as a substitute for the preceptorial system, and Colleges throughout
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planations of the otherwise inexplicable disaster of
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Glenn E. Meyers, Emel L. Cottrell, Charles A. Bell,
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king; it is our free men of today, our farmers, our
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simply prHSsing on a knob, and removing it without, de-