Lamictal Drug Company
Lamictal Drug Company
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(1) Mills — The Nursing and Care of the Insane, " i.oo

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attended the lectures in the University of Pennsylvania regularly,

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Irucid language, clear type, a full index, and, above all, the presentation of the

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death. I have met with an example of complete obstruction of one of the

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ferri prot. iod. instead of ferri carb.), until May 12, when she was

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The processes of digestion take place chiefly within the stomach and small

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the organizing, life-supporting function of the capillaries is per-

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to the mucous membrane, or erythematic, and unattended by the exuda-

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rapidly to the different muscles throughout the body. They appear to

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bom, of 1,276. Deducting this sum leaves 7,595, which is the

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which the physician observes for himself, and for a correct appreciation

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tbe blood from the lower extremities, ar^ now discharged into the

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dering the system more susceptible to the dysenteric poison and giving

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phlebitis, as he presumes to be the case. It is true that Dr. M.

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the several tissues to the right side of the heart ? Does it possess

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latter class of fluids, viz., those derived from the blood, are liable to nu-

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the other, but without any good effect. It was therefore deemed

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Physician who will visit our factory. We have met the more recent demand for a sterilized

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agency of these, successfully improved, should induce every phy-

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condition of health. On the other hand, I have known it to cause sudden

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the care of a homoeopathist previously to being seen by Dr. H.

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bud not, in that awful hour, to look back, as Persius says, ^* oa

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, ForCliange: This Institution is located in a phenomenally dry, tonic, and quiet atmosphere, in the lower arc ot

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relative fulness, however, may be observed on one side below, and per-

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OF the affections of the solid abdominal viscera, the greater number by

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under long sentences. Thus 86 of the 55 cases were in prisoners

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A second case was that of a young lady who had been suffer-

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extremel}' unfavorable. Yet 1 have known recovery to take place in

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drinking freely of " Teau gaudron'' or tar water. This was fol-

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In a word, it restores tone to the uterine system, and thus

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cough has had a peculiar barking tone ; and the pitch has been low, show-

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MMPOSITIOSf :— Silicate of Magnesia with Carbolic and SalicylU

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" Hay Fever." The other form is called by Dr. AVyman Catarrhus Au-

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troublesome symptom. In the anginose variety, gargles con-