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of temperature. The worst state of the atmosphere, that of
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A total of 16 mice were injected intravenously with 0.1 ml of a
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In explaining the effects of quinia on the system, a new path of inve* ^
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Acetate of protoxide of iron is in small, green crystals, which decom-
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vantage over an aqueous solution, of not being liaiile to the spontaneoni
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which had been given three times previously without unpleasant effects. (See Batt.
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beverage^ very rich, and with a fine aroma. In colour and
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Qience or efficiency. In strangulated hernia, recourse has been occa-
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sec the X. Vurk Mtd. Journ. (Jun. ISOn, p, 2G2). lis advautagcD are tliat it saves
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which support fermentation, and thus probably cause and sustain the
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proper performance of the functions of certain parts. They
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1. Morbid ExciiabilUy of the Nervous Centres. This is a morbid con-
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in substance was mainly relied on in the treatment of periodical ferecs^,
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More than once have colonies been given up by the remain-
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crates — barley water during the acute stage, in cases where
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pregnant women, tinder the apprehension that, in the former, the im-
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wineglassful. Decoction is an unsuitable mode of preparation, as boiling
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Sulphuric acid was known as early as the seventh century. As found
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from their seeds and crushed, different gummy matters, liquorice, minute
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The presence of mineral substances, not easily volatilized by heat, will
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The dose of camphor varies from one to twenty" grains. As a simplal