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Image Revive Canada
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bleeding appears in the early part of the second week, before ulceration
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sign of insidious perforation in the course of typhoid fever, and this sign
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chondria or the flanks. The pains lasted for several days, and the patient was com-
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the power of atropia to prevent the lethal effects of certain doses of physos-
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between substances naturally eliminated — between urea and chloride of
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trunk, and limbs. On the first day a dozen papules may be seen ; on
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of intravascular tension caused by the water in the blood. The diabetic
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taining the portion of the nervous system upon which they act. Having
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rise of temperature may, however, be due to secondary infections. The
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which follow the course of a nerve trunk or which attack the muscles and
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other hand, weakness of the defence (overwork, diabetes, B right's disease,
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anaemia, and for researches as to the repair of the blood. It has been
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origin. In the latter case " the sweating reaction " to pilocarpin is ecjual
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cell ; atixa, blood), and leukaemia, created by Virchow.
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and Jacksonian epilepsy on the side opposite to the lesion. In the case
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Cheyne-Stokes rhythm. This rhythm, which is not confined to the dyspnoea
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thus far resembled that of typhoid fever. On Friday morning the man was admitted
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XXV. Transactions of American State Medical Societies.
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diseases which actinomycosis may simulate. When the disease is limited
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Facial hemiplegia of bulbar origin is, therefore, associated with crossed
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the larynx and the entire locomotor system— muscles, tendons, and articula-
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least motion of the organ, and, consequently, its connection with the alxio-
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October 16, he offers the following remarks on excision of the joint: —
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poor in chlorides, found that after repeated saline injections, the weight
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slowness and feebleness of the beats, and, finally, arrest of the heart in dias-
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himgor, I advised gastrostomy, which gave a fair measure of relief.
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cytes are living and mobile cells. Relying on these facts, Ehrlich has tried
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