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gravated by the inflammatory conditions of the pelvic organs.
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down into the left lower part of the abdomen. These attacks
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exist in attenuated or modified forms; the question is
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through the pelvic opening already made, but this was im-
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clinical diagnosis of typhoid fever was correct. There
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William D. Crosby, major and surgeon, U. S. A., member of a
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degenerated by alcoholism, etc., but it is not unusual in
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turn, since there is but one direction in which he can
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Nothing was to be found in the mouth or throat, and no
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wrote an article giving the history of several in man,
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growing of more value as a scientific body ; the Sec±ioii8
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cause of plague, is a fact as well established as that the
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longed fall of blood-pressure, and when injected through
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joint. Should signs of tenderness in the joint recur,
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Hospital Steward and Chemist Henry Gahn, to assume temporary
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fever has been prevailing for several days in West Philadelphia
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the gastric juice can be demonstrated as a general propo-
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the later stages, and of the expectoration on account of the
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and my colleagues will probably agree with me when I
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kidneys and gastralgia. In nearly all chronic constipation and
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nourishment in the embryo; with the stomach and in-
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peated twice a week during January and February, dur-
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slight to be considered. The indications for ablation in genital
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and had been an employe of a factory where he was doing very
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tongue and lower part of the face on the left side.
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at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, Broadway near Fourth Street.
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. ever, membership in one's own state society must be a
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rectum and bladder were also involved. There was kyphosis