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creased by warm weather that the fits are more frequent and severe than in cold.
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then becoming general. The movements ceased during the night.
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1. A girl^ aged 18, had felt for two years acute pains in the
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various acids ; borate of lead, sub-carbonate, cereuse or white lead, phosphate,
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Appended to Dr. Watson's pamphlet is a collection of cases^
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whatever. He observes that the sarcolemma is imperceptible
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will be plainly in the negative ; and thus these vertebrates belong to
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signs of acute intestinal obstruction. An emergency laparotomy
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1 would take occasion to remark here, that these tubercles are not always con-
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deed; she was bent over upon one side to a frightful degree; she could not stand
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action of the cmary body there is now no doubt, but is the action
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quiet, and, as far as possible, from anxiety and trouble upon every point, inasmuch
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by recommending, where their wives were deformed or unable to bear children, that
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are either completely afebrile or running a mild degree of fever
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